I like running :-)

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I like running :-)

I have been running (slowly!) since the mid-nineties. Then, in 2005, I fell off my bicycle (*with* a helmet on, fortunately). I got a traumatic brain injury, and spent weeks in a coma, months in hospital, and 18 months off work. I now run *even* slower than I used to (but hey, I now have the 'excuse' of being 'blind' and disabled, so I think I'm *allowed* to be slow, aren't I?).

In December 2012, I had a 'trocantheric bursectomy' operation, because of a nasty pain in my bum/hip that had cropped up in 2011, and didn't respond to all the treatment. The physio told me to start running again (gently) in August 2013.

I love blogging, so I will carry on, OK?

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