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Embracing the crazy - a blog thingy.

Lucky old me got into VLM 2019, on the ballot, finally. Yay. Last year I got there by virtue of my club place, double yay. Last year I had a group of friends that I trained with as they all had charity places. It was good, it was bloomin' tough having trained through an arctic winter to run in near tarmac melting, typical British Summer in one day conditions. But it rocked. Fast forward to 2018. Comes the real battle  Currently managing my Mum who is seriously ill with Lewi Body Dementia, a frail and aging father and my darling youngest who got struck down with the thing I hate most in the world,  M.E/CFS. This is the story, I guess, of how I'm going to train for London  this year, with all the variables, no training pals, as none of them want to do it again, and the family health issues  oh and I'm a plant based eater...and that's meant lately crisps...lots.

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So Christmas has been and done. I marshalled the Pontardawe 5k. O my goodness, I was responsible for recording the finishing times of runners. Suffice to say I'd be happy NEVER to do that job again for as long as I live. The event went well on this flat...

1000 miles, Tenovus, Scott Jurek

So.  Im fresh back from the  Tenovus Santa Jog hilly windy wet 10k around the National Botanical Gardens of Wales. Good. I crested 1000 miles last week, so far this year. Good. I received my Amazon present to myself, Scott Jurek's book Eat and Run. Th...

L not "S", R

Hello fabulous Buzzers. ( That sounds wrong, on many levels) - anyway, moving swiftly on. I've had a real talk with myself. Decided my diet needs attention. Decided perhaps living on crisps really isn't good perhaps but also just because I'm training mo...