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Your Brain Needs You!

Raising money in support of important research into the causes, treatments, prevention and cure of devastating neurological conditions.


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A Tip for ya'll  Why haven't I ran quickly before? It's a lot more fun, my form is better, no achilles pain or any other foot niggles! It certainly is not going to be easy going running quickly the entire marathon but by jove I'm going to give it a go! ...

A stitch in mine saves time

After one of the greatest weeks of running I have ever had I am left to reflect with 30 miles under my belt and some pleasing sore calves to boot (don't worry- I'll roll 'em). Did I just use the adjectives pleasing and sore to describe my calves? Surely...

Unleash the battering Rhino

I've lost a lot of fitness since I last posted. Eeek! The powers that be threw a tough and delibilating cold at me just after I had a tough tussle with an Applied Medical Knowledge examination to boot. Six weeks before the race and I have just got my ru...

From colon to cold run

It's cold here in Plymouth, I swear down. The weather here has been utterly miserable. It has been just about two weeks since I was offered a place to run the London Marathon in aid of The Brain Research Trust and the generous donations that I have rece...