The only way is UP.

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The only way is UP.

2019 will be the year I ran a half.

The Big Half - March, Hathersage Hurtle 20 mile - May, Peak District 100k - July, North Downs Way 50k - Sept, Snowdonia Marathon - October. Some other Buzzer and there ;-)

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Glow little glow worm.

The problem with life is it interferes with running. And blogging. And increasing Ye Olde Iron ****. But nonetheless I've done my level best to continue all of these despite a honking three day meeting and a night without seeing my little Dude. Yet I su...

I want a big butt and I canno...

It's amazing how much harder you focus on glute and hip strengthening exercises simply by reliving in your memory the excruciating pain they have the capacity to deliver over the Big Miles. So to prevent a re-run of the great big pain I endured during t...

Hip hip hoor-aye yay yay

I haven't had sore hips like this since I was pregnant. It's day seven after the second of two half marathons in three weeks that I thought I could easily handle (read: it seemed like a good idea at the time) but the last one seems to have handled me. M...

My reason for being. My reaso...

  In April 2016, I'm going to attempt to do something I never dreamed possible for someONE I never dreamed possible - toe the line of the London Marathon and conquer those 26.2 miles in support of the Down's Syndrome Association and my gorgeous son Ruk...