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"You're the Best Around"

The magazine is here! I rushed home and just stared at it, not wanting to open it! I was laughing nervously when I eventually did open it and tried to read the letter and look at the laces and read the magazine and feed the cat, etc, etc!

I have only been running for about 3 years. After I completed The Moonwalk ( 26.2miles at night), I thought  would have a go at this running thing and did a whole two minutes on the treadmill! I have progressed since then and have always dreamt of the marathon, here it is 4weeks away. 

I have  put in 285.93 miles this year through wind, rain, snow and ice.  I have so far completed a great 19 miles as well as a soul destroying 17, I just lay on the floor when I got in and thought "No" "Too boring!". I have bored my husband, family and  friends with new found stuff, including fuel strategies! That is something I never thought I would think of as anything more than a small or a large glass of red! I have discovered so many thing s about my neighbourhood, smelt so many smells, bacon, cut grass, the sea and many unmentionables! I have found myself watchng Rocky and being inspired by his theme, the list goes on.  It has so far been an amazing year and I cannot quite believe that the end is in sight, am I ready? Who knows? Questions, ther are too many questions!

Bring on my Saturday 20 miler,  singing "You're the best around.." I'm off!

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