Caught by the fat man.

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Richard Hall


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Caught by the fat man.

So the back story is I started running in October 2007 when I was pushing 24 stone. Inspired by TISM and what he had achieved and good advice and messages on Real Buzz I dropped on about 19 ½ by may 2008. In July I had a new baby which obviously messed my routine up which by that time was pretty good,

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But it is easy to stop and since I have had many false starts I find my self back at square one. The weight is back up to 21st2lb and I could just about run 1mile at a very slow.

I have all the tools and techniques at my disposal I just need to get off this excuse train and hit the streets again.

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1st Day Back,

Right, So after dragging myself kicking and screaming out of bed I managed to get out. OMG how bad was I!! Only Managed 0.75miles before I had to head home. I need to sort out a plan. So I will do the next 2 weeks around a mile route increasing the run/...