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The Anxious Runner

I have no idea what I am doing..

I mean I know I want to run.  I want to get fit and tick off the London Marathon from my bucket list but as for the rest..

Even my brain and body doesn't know what I am doing.  Neither of them know what they are doing - more so when I am on the road and my brain will attest.

"WTF is THIS! What are you doing to me woman.  I got you through the day, dispensed with A-Holes for you, helped you with a tricky pivot table and this is how you REPAY me.  Fruity cider is bad enough but THIS"!

The body isn't too chuffed either.  

"Oh I see, I see.. Not content with a schizophrenic diet swaying between Paleo and See food you know want me to do WHAT"?

They get together and repay me with Anxiety, IBS, ****** confidence, body confidence and shin splints.  Any combination and frequency.  Resulting in the pitiful fog of decathlon receipts, sweat, tears, pasties and regret.

I've tried coaxing them both with good running shoes and and plenty of water to mixed affect.  Lets see how this goes.

This is my battle with brain and body.

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