Snownonia After Party

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Snownonia After Party

They say all good stories have a “start” a “middle,” and an “end.” I’d like to begin with the end. Like when I was at school, I would always eat my dessert first. Better to eat the best bits at the beginner. Why fill up on rubbish mash potatoes when you could be eating sticky toffee pudding!


This was what the weekend was like, why start at the beginning when the best bits were at the end! The post marathon food and drinks. Always the best bits when there has been a group running a race, be it a 10K or Half Marathon, in this case it was a Marathon, Snowdonia Marathon. My first time meeting some of you “realbuzzers.”

The drinks flowed, the stories of daring adventures. Plenty of toasts, any excuse to drink more. In this case we had Ali’s 10th lady in her age grade and “who beats their London Marathon time at Snowdonia Marathon” Only HOBSCowboy does. Awesome to you both!


Runners are great, running down the finishing straight when the crowd is at its loudest with all the spectators clapping and cheering suddenly there’s this small group of hysterical spectators, you take a second look and it’s the “realbuzzers” giving a greater cheer than the rest of the crowd put together, that’s why you finish, for that last cheer on, great pride that you finished. Great respect for the people you don’t even know who are there to cheer and shout for you to get to the finishing line.


I wasn’t sure I’d be at the finishing line, with some serious doubts that I should pull up at 17 miles, just taking a mile at a time. The week before, I had a simply run out, that night I limped a bit thinking just a bit of my plantar fasciitis injury making a comeback. The next day I couldn’t walk, struggled to put any weight on my foot, I’m not one for taking days off work, but this was one day that getting to work wasn’t going to happen. A quick call to a physio who said he could pop round later to have a look. He didn’t even unpack one quick look and a quick prod, “you will need to rest for 2 weeks.” Well 2 weeks I didn’t have, I started thinking worst case scenarios, I’d just turn up and support, hotel was booked! Took each day as it came, the weekend passed and the foot was a little better! Pysios “2 weeks” was looking to be a good guestimate.


I tuned up on the day before. I had already had some great words of encouragement on Facebook from the “Realbuzzers” especially Hollywood Dave. So I waited for on the day to see if I was going to run, Helpful words of just see how it goes. On the day I’d just get changed, put my number on my running top, nice to support the girlfriend for a couple of miles, I thought. I can always pull out, just get to the top of the first hill, few miles in, well I’m at the top, might as well go down the other side, couple of more miles can stop at the bottom. It’s not getting any worse, so might just carry on a bit. Halfway and the “support crew” was there to encourage me. Halfway, just a couple of more miles, when the next big hill, I’ll take it easy, run\walk\run sort of thing. Now it was 17 miles, doubt was setting in, each mile was slower than the last... Took each mile as it was my last. Last big hill was at 22 miles, just get there then it’s all downhill. Well it would be once I got to the top. Seems running up was better than running on the flats. So jogged up the 2mile hill. The downhill wasn’t the usual sprightly finish a downhill should be, but only 2 miles to the finish…


26 mile marker and then round the corner the finishing straight…


What a great race, not going to run it again, well that’s what I said at the finish line. “You can always cycle and support us next year” the girlfriend says. “Not bad idea” I thought. A cider or two later. ”I might try and train a bit better next time, should be able to better my time” Well if the same guys and girls are there again, shame not to try and run it again.


Thanks everyone

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Snowdonia After Party

They say all good stories have a “start” a “middle,” and an “end.” I’d like to begin with the end. Like when I was at school, I would always eat my dessert first. Better to eat the best bits at the beginning. Why fill up on rubbish mash potatoes when yo...