My London Marathon Journey

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My London Marathon Journey

This blog is intended to record my journey from (almost) running newbie to a London Marathon Finisher. Hopefully. I want to record the highs and lows of my training and the lessons I learn along the way. Perhaps to help someone else with their training in the future but most likely so I can have a read of it when I've finished the marathon next year and have a good old laugh at myself!!



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GAN & the story so far

I stumbled across Global Action Nepal ( on the official London Marathon website and was immediately drawn in by the amazing work they do. Whilst visiting Nepal last year with my boyfriend Freddie, I realised what an amazing co...

Why, why, why?! NEPAL!

I watched the London Marathon 2014 in the hot sunshine at Parliament Sq. I don't thinK I've ever felt so inspired to do something so crazy. The atmosphere, along with an intense admiration for each and every one of the runners passing by, absolutely suc...