Virgin Money London Marathon blogging competition

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Virgin Money London Marathon blogging competition

Brilliant day today. Officially won the VMLM blogging competition. First major prize I have ever won. Condition of winning is that I create a blog here - Now what can say that is interesting?


Maybe I should lay down my running history and targets - I have been jogging' on and off for maybe 20 years. Did the York Brass Monkey half marathon a couple of times. Last year I completed (I won't say ran) the York merathon in just under 5 hours.

After 6 years of applying I got into the London Marathon this year on a guaraenteed place. Before I started I said this was going to be my last marathon. As I had done it, got the medal and the aching limbs. But now I am hooked. The crowds are brilliant. How can anyone not want to run past Big Ben with thousands of people shouting for you. I felt like a pop star. Even if I was a couple of minutes slower than York.

And the target - I want to RUN a marathon, without slowing to a walk.

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Now a few weeks into Marathon Training, and the increased mileage is starting to take its toll. Before winning the Blogging Competition, I was only running about 3 miles at a (for me) fast pace of just over 7 mph. So I very quickly increased my distance...