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As a runner, traveller and chef I like to shere staries, inspirations and maybe some personal discoveries on the way.

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Starting 18 Weeks Marathon Plan

This week is first in my 18 weeks program for The Sri Chinmoy Marathon on august 24. I am running with power meter, so yesterday I ran a test to determine power zones. It works similarly as heart rate monitor. After long and easy runs during winter it f...

Running Form

Two days ago I met the worst runner I have ever seen. Feet going sideways, bent in the waist, hands going to sides, hunched back and head. I wanted to demonstrate this to my friends and almost dislocated my neck. But he also looked like someone who runs...

Inner Training

Proper training consists of many components. It is not just one way of running. Physical part is well known. We have long runs, tempo runs, fartlek, intervals, stretching, recovery, and so on. But is it all we can do? Are there other forms of training? ...

Running on Ice

WIth a recent winter storm in NYC we had a lot of ice.  Which can be dangerous for a runner. If you have problem with ice you are not alone. I used to be in the same boat. But not any more. When I went for a run on the streets of frozen New York City I...