If only Choo made running shoes!

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If only Choo made running shoes!

Although I have done lots of cycling & exercise classes over the years and tried to keep fit & healthy I never considered myself a runner. I always thought I could never do that & made excuses to not get out there & give it a go, or if I did give it a go, gave it up after 1 or 2 attempts saying "Oh its not for me"!

I have often watched the London & other running events on TV & always totally admired all those who take part and was in awe of their dedication. So after watching the 2013 London marathon from the cosy comfort of my bed supping tea & eating toast I finally decided to do something about it and so I entered the VLM ballot for 2014 for the first time.  4 friends also entered at the same time but out of the 5 of us I was the only one who was successful!! I must admit I nearly fell on the floor when I received my 'You're In' magazine. I had such a mixture of emotions, ranging from oh my god to total excitement and then the realisation of the training I have now got to put in.

On knowing that I was going to be running alone (well alongside the other 30000+) my husband (who has run in previous events) contacted various charities & secured a place with St Johns Ambulance.  So we will now be running together.  

Anyway I had a good pair of running shoes (from one of my previous failed attempts earlier in the year) & so my training began 3 weeks ago with the help & support of hubby. I started off with smaller runs with 'walk breaks' when I felt the need, building up the running times with fewer walks. I was totally elated a couple of weeks later when I ran for 2 miles without stopping yaaaaaay - I had never run for more than a couple of hundred yards before without feeling I needed to pause, so for me this really was some achievement!! And so the training has continued and again to my joy I completed a 4 mile run on Monday evening and will be out there this evening attempting my first 5 miler!!  

Although I am a total beginner & know it is going to be such hard work & dedication to reach these milestones I actually feel so much better for running and now thinking 'why the heck did I not take this up years ago'.   

I'm not silly enough to jump straight in at the deep end so hubby and myself have already put ourselves down for the Silverstone half marathon in March and also want to do a few 10ks prior to April.

So at the grand old age of 53 I will be running in my first full marathon and big thanks going to my hubby for his support so far and being there every step of the way. 

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Attempting my first 5 miler tonight - looks like its going to be another wet one - oh well it will hopefully be refreshing!!