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London Marathon training

my training for London marathon 2011

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found this blog site again!

Hey I found this blog site for the first time after four years!!  I was looking for it today because.... I have an entry to the 2015 London Marathon!   I have been trying to gather my data together to see where I was in my training this time 4 years ago...

its taper time

So I am supposed to do this thing called a taper in the lead up to the London Marathon.  However this does not mean to stop running altogther.  So what to do, (having just run Taunton Marathon on Sunday).  Well the lucozade training plan talks about sho...

Taunton Marathon 3 April

Sorry it has been ages since I last wrote a blog, have been too busy!  In fact work and man cold had made my training go rather awry last month.  The experts said that last weekend that I should be banking my last long run.  However I havent done a long...


too cold for me!  I took the day off work with visions of a very long training run.  But dodgy feeling knee and biting cold wind put paid to that!  But I got a new toy today, one of them watches wot tells you how far you have run and pace.  I just had t...


25/2 I took the day off work to fit in my long run.  Target today 3hr 40 mins.   I took a more undulating route this time, not the flat canal 22 mile run that I did last week.    My major problem has been that I have been suffering from nipple bleeding....