Returning to Running

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Returning to Running

After breaking my ankle back in October, i spent the next month in plaster, having it taken of the day before my birthday in November ( was very luckly that it only took a month to heal)...On being tole it could be 3/4 week before i get a phone call for phyiso and then might be 4 months before i start, i went private , so on 24th Nov i had my first visit,with her starting me of on strength exercises and twice weekly visits 2 weeks later i was allowed to start going for walks and every other day do 1 mn run 1 min walk 5 times on the next visit it was increased to 3 min run 1 min walk and ankle was getting stronger, the Mon 15 th Dec i was told that i could go upto 5 minrun 1 min walk if i did 6/9 times i could do if happy everyday but over that everyother day which is what i did the just before xmas was told i could with care up my running and use my marathon program as long as i was carefull

 Day  1...... 2 mile slow

Day 2........Rest

Day 3...3 mile slow

Day 4....2 mile slow


Day 6.....2 miles easy

Day 7...... 6 miles run/walk



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Getting stronger and faster.....

Since my last blog, start of January..been reading loads and commented on some. I have done lane swimming and going to the gym, but with work and family issues have found it hard to get out for runs as-well as taking the dog for her walk, so on some  da...

day 2

after struggling with knee pain i took 2 days rest. then Wed was 4.71 miles  with avg pace 13.21 /mi 3 days rest Sunday ran/jogged 6.27 miles avg pace 12.49 /mi felt good :)