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Carl Topham


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Running about

I'm one of the front end web developers here at

I do a bit of running, but I don't have, or rather didn't have any goals... Now I do. Follow my running journey!

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Finding heart in my running

I set out the Friday before last with a "grand plan" for running another 12km... It was the bank holiday and I had 3 days to go out and make it happen. It also meant plenty of time to paint/wallpaper my hallway and stairs. Well it turns out that decorat...

10 Km Down

As part of my training to get VMLM ready for next year, I'm planning on completing quite a few halfs on the way. I did one last year but nothing anywhere near as big since. I had planned to do some more but then life got busy, and training fell by the w...

Marathon Targets

I think I will aim high and run a marathon. Not just any marathon though. I am going to aim for the Virgin Money London Marathon. Why not. It's the best one in my opinion. Here's how it's gonna work. Let's get a half marathon under my belt, maybe ev...