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Baby Steps

An ex-swimmer (who refused to swim anything over 50m) takes on her first Marathon.


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Operation diet

This week started well; with minor foot surgery! I may have been lacking motivation last week, but this week I'm itching to get out for a run. I'm on total rest; no running, swimming, spinning, exercise classes, weights... But I'm so glad that its out o...

Motivation lacking.

Not going to lie. I've been struggling with motivation. I just seem to have so much on my plate at the moment that running takes a back seat. This doesn't mran I'm not exercising; I still do at least an hour everyday, but going out for a run seems to be...

Outdoor Training

After warming up my little legs in the comfort and safety of the gym, pounding the treatmill, I decided to man up, and get back out on the roads.  When I first took up running, it was the beginning of last summer, with warm, light mornings and good visi...

Here we go...

So two days ago I found out I am going to run my first marathon. And none other than the London Marathon in April 2017. Throughout my teenage years I was a swimmer, and favoured heavily the sprint events. I was insistent that 'swimmers don't run', so th...