2nd time lucky!

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Emma Harrison


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2nd time lucky!

Hi everyone, my name is Emma I live in Slough and I am a 31 year old northerner and been down south for about 14 years.

I was meant to do the London Marathon last year. I got a ballot place. Considering I had only ever applied once before I was very lucky.

Did the Silverstone Half Marathon last year and injured my ankle half way round. Still finished though (I wanted the medal!!) Did a really bad time of 3.10hrs!!

Weather was abismal though (thats my excuse)

Sent my form to the FLM last year to say I wanted to defer my ballot place until this year.

Got my letter a few weeks ago to say they needed a cheque so I guess that is it, I'm in!!

Better start some training again then! Here goes!!!

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