My Grand Fitness Quest

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Lee Halliday


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My Grand Fitness Quest

Over the years my family have had many health issues. Cancer has been a common enemy and exercise has never been something to talk about with my relations, but I now have decided to ditch the couch, throw away the buns and try and stay healthier and fitter.

I'm coming at this from a fairly unfit starting point. As of 14th January, my weight had soared to 12 st 8 lb and I could hardly run 10 meters, and generally was feeling pretty unhealthy for my 48 years of living.

So I'm formulating a plan and get fit - my aims at the moment are to get fitter, eat healthier, get some health checks done and get the all clear health wise, and then train for a 5K... and then maybe, just maybe, continue on to train to run for a charity in a marathon event (is this merely a distant dream that will never come true?... we shall see!)

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