What doesnt kill you . . . running post-microdisectomy

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What doesnt kill you . . . running post-microdisectomy

Well 2013 has been an interesting year so far. It started back in December 2012 with a few twinges in my back. By the 7th January I crawled into bed and pretty much stayed there in constant pain doped up to the eyeballs on painkillers until the 13th February 2013 when I was admitted to the WGH department neuorscience for a microdisectomy at 1300 hours (and yes believe me all those 13's had me worried too and I didn't consider myself to be superstitious!) The risks included paralysis, double incontinence, infection and brain damage but at the time I was unable to walk and had to crawl on my hands and knees from the bed to the toilet. It was all very scarey given a matter of weeks before I had been running marathons, cross country and hill races.

Luckily for me the surgery was a success and I woke up pain free. This blog tracks my return to running. Im not allowed to officially start proper training until August but Im in the gym cross training, swimming and walking (managed to walk the Edinburgh Moonwalk - well if I couldn't run a marathon this year I decided to walk one). However, my progress has not been without its setback. When my L4/L5 disc slipped it trapped the sciatic nerve in my left leg and it was damaged. This damage cause something called footdrop and as a result my left foot doesn't bend properly at the ankle. There has been improvements but its slow going.

I started with walking. Then swimming and finally cross training on exercise bike. At four months I completed the Moonwalk Marathon!

Over the next few months I will tell you how I get on as I ramp up the training for my first run post-op.

What doesn't kill you . . .

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