London Marathon - via Heathrow!

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Christopher Walker


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London Marathon - via Heathrow!

Training for the London Marathon   ....from a qualified running coach.

I have written many marathon training plans for young, old, fast and "just get me to the finish"

Always offering exper advice that I am now taking (hopefully!) myself.


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Weather forecasts - who needs...

Carefully checking the hourly forecasts indicating cloud with sunny intervals, I wake up to thunderous rain!  Delaying the run start till the shower had passed and then at mile 4..... glorious sunshine making me very hot followed by ....... hailstones a...

It's getting lighter

Last weekend's early run resulted in a cut lip thanks to a vicous tree that jumped out at me. It's getting lighter so I plan to avoid low hung branches.   Fuel up, roll out, gentle and long run this weekend  

End of month one

So January month end looms large; a quick check at the training log says miles in the bank - not perfect but probably better than most. 1 week lost to injury, 4 days lost to personal issues. Tip 1: Yes, write that training diary; nothing helps more than...