London Marathon 2015

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Matt Cowling


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London Marathon 2015

Matt, 35, Great Yarmouth.Tried to get in London Marathon for past 4 years without luck, but have finally been accepted into the 2015 race.Thanks for reading my blog.Matt

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Almost there now

Ok, so at the outset of this I intended to update this blog more often that I have, but I have found it very interesting and encouraging to read other runners posts. And to everyone that has commented on the 2 posts I have previously made, thank you ver...

Running Background

Thank you Berlin_Bolt for your previous comment, I will now answer your question about my running background. Basically, I have none. I have for some years now wanted to lose weight and get fitter but never had the motivation to do it. I knew however th...

An introduction to me

My name is Matt and I am 35 years old.I live just outside of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk but I am originally from Greenwich, London.I work as a Transport and Facilities Manager for a Bakery.In my spare time I am a Committee member for the Norfolk and Norw...