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Running Challenges

My story so far ...

I took up running in August 2008 ... well, power walking to start with, then some run/walking. It was nearly 9 weeks before I could run for 30 minutes without stopping. Now it's part of my daily life ...

I set myself three challenges ... a 10-mile run (completed the Great South run in 2009), a half marathon (ran Reading in 2010). and a full marathon (this is where it's got tough!).

Since that Reading Half marathon, I've had several pulled calf muscles training and racing, and with my annual mileage dropping year by year, I took a break from running for the last 3 months of 2011.

Refreshed, I'm back in training with my immediate aim to get to the start line for a 10K. Once that's been accomplished, I'll start thinking about the challenge of finally running a marathon. I will do it ... one day.

Races in 2012

06-Jun Yateley 10K Series Race 1: 57:03

04-Jul Yateley 10K Series Race 2:

01-Aug Yateley 10K Series Race 3:

Races in 2011

3-Aug Yateley 10K Race 3: 1:01:17 (pulled calf at mile 4)

Races in 2010

14-Feb Bramley 20/10 10 mile: 1:32:33 (pulled calf at mile 9)

21-Mar Reading Half Marathon: 2:11:39 (pulled calf at mile 7)

Races in 2009

04-Apr Frimley Park 10K: 54:18

03-Jun Yateley 10K Series Race 1: 52:14

01-Jul Yateley 10K Series Race 2: 53:53 (30C at race start!)

05-Aug Yateley 10K Series Race 3: 51:43

27-Sep Mortimer 10K: 51:09

25-Oct Bupa Great South Run: 1:28:02

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Upping the tempo

I've been on two runs since my last post. On Tuesday I was out for an easy 2-mile recovery run. The good thing about these runs is that now I'm starting to increase the mileage they really do feel like easy runs! Last night I went for a 4-mile tempo run...

One less race to worry about

I'm finally able to reveal my secret ... but first, my running news. It's been another good week of running for me. I followed up Tuesday's 2 miler with 3 miles on Thursday and 5 miles on Sunday morning, that's 10 whole miles for the week! The 3 miles o...

No news is good news

Well, I've been holding off posting for a while in the hope of being able to reveal my life changing decision ... but, sadly, there's been a slight complication which will mean a small delay ... I still hope to be able to go public by the end of the wee...

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It's been an eventful few days since my last post. Friday night's anniversary dinner at Tylney Hall was one of the best if not the best eating experiences of my life. Salmon and crab for starters, monkfish for main, and a strawberry mouse thing for dess...

Garmin Gremlins

I didn't go ahead with my first scheduled training run of the week on Tuesday - yet another 2 miler. The ankle soreness I felt on Sunday was still there so I decided to rest up. There's just no way I'm going to risk picking up another injury. Thursday c...

The running rat race

Another run, another 2 miles banked today. What more is there to say? Well, for a start, I was back on my alternative 2 mile route mostly run down shady country lanes - it truly was a glorious morning for running ... and it continues to get easier, this...

Getting easier

This is probably getting a bit tedious to read but ... another 2 miles completed last night. This was my third 2 miler in 5 days after returning from injury. The first was run in a state of nervous excitement; the second was like running in treacle beca...

Adducted to running

Following Sunday's first run for 8 weeks, my legs were fine except for both adductors which were a bit sore. Actually, they were very sore, though I didn't realise how bad they were until I went for my 2nd 2 mile run in 3 days. I could barely run I was ...

Back running ... at last

Eight weeks after tearing a calf muscle in the Reading Half Marathon, I was finally able to return to running today. It was only two miles, it was raining, it was colder than I was expecting, it was hard work even though I ran at only 10:48 pace, but bo...