South West London Marathon runners?

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South West London Marathon runners?


My name is Jonny and I live in Teddington, Middlesex. In common with most runners I have had running the marathon on my 'to do' list ever since I started running twelve years ago.

Last August 17th my 10 year old son Miles was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. On learning that the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ( JDRF ) has a team which run the marathon raising funds for research into the cure for Type 1 diabetes, I immediately applied for and was delighted to be offered a place.     

Whilst delighted to be a part of JDRF's Team Pingu ( Pingu is JDRF's team mascot ) I am equally thankful Pingu only appears on our vests, we are not required to run dressed up as Penguins!

I have been in training for the past three months, primarily pounding the roads, toepaths and parks around Kingston, Teddington, Hampton Court etc. Beyond my basic objectives of avoiding injury pre-race and then getting round the course, I am targeting (ha ha!) a four and a half hour time. 

Although it might sound odd I am really enjoying the training, but I find it much easier when running with other people. At least once a week I have a friend who, along with his cocker spaniel Tilly, runs with me.   

I wonder if there are any other runners in training for the marathon in roughly the same geographical area? It would be good to touch base.






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