Still Running Just and Just a Bit of Cycling

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Still Running Just and Just a Bit of Cycling

Thanks for looking in.

Hi I'm a forty something dad of two,living in the deep and dark South West.

Finally after 5 rejects managed to get in 2009. But I did it I really did it I got around in 4h 8min and 22 secs and I did end up walking on a couple of occasions, from 22 mile. What a brilliant day and a truely overwhelming occasion.

I've now signed up for a bit of a new challenge on 09.06.11 I along with 9 others will be head off to John O'Groats with the aim to ride approx 900 miles in 9 days finishing at Lands End on Sat 18.06.11

I am hoping to use this opportunity to raise funds for Parkinson UK. The guy who has organised the trip's father and a family friend are both suffers. If you feel you would like to sponsor me on my jourmey then please see the link below.

I would of course value any hints or advice any of you bloggers have got.

Many thanks

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