Pabs corre otra vez!

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Pabs corre otra vez!

I'm now running regularly and have a place in the 2013 VLM - so here I am back on the realbuzz boards once more.

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There's more....

Two miles, but I lost sight of my Wife in front of me after only one.. SHE doesn't have to carry all this weight around. It's slowly going though, and without too much effort. Padron y Ensaladilla for Dinner - yummy.


I haven't got a Garmin (yet), so I use Google Earth to measure all my routes - it's pretty accurate for where I live 'cos the aerial photography used around Woking is clear. I hate running alongside roads so I use the Basingstoke Canal and the Ri...

Long run (well for me..)

I managed 4 miles without too much difficulty - I felt quite comfortable until I pushed during the last half mile (there was a canal barge to overtake!). Rest again tomorrow, then a couple of miles on Sunday will mean I've hit my targ...


Resting... Ahhh.... Feels good. Looking forward to my longest run so far this time round - 4 miles, tomorrow. Not even going to time myself, will just be pleased to keep moving and get round.

there's more....

Another 2 miler today - then out for two pints of Stella! First alcohol in two weeks so it tasted very nice. The veggie fajita was good too - steaming and tasty. Tomorrow is rest day. That's the plan anyway. 

ok so far

Another 2 miles along the canal. I felt much more comfortable than yesterday and I could have done more really.  I've lost 4 kilos weight in two weeks - a few months of this and I'll soon be back at my birth weight! I am supposed to b...

Monday - week 2

Yay! 2 miles. Legs knackered but did enough.

Canal saunter

Well, that's another 2 miles, and 11 in total this week - a reasonable first week proper to my FLM campaign. The Basingstoke canal is such a good place to run - off-road, flat and relatively peaceful - some parts even completely isolated.

Dublin & Guinness

  The last marathon I completed was Dublin in 1995 - despite a few pints of Guiness the night before! The reflection in my mirror this morning bears little resemblance to the picture below - I was certainly fitter then. Will I be able...


Well, my intentions were good - another 2 mile run planned. Then I fell asleep on the bed and it's now too late to go because I have to do stuff! Bah!

Midnight Blogging

I'm 50 - Why am I doing this? I feel obsession rearing it's enabling head. It's late... nunn-night x

1st week of training_1

Nearing the end of my first week of training for the 2007 London marathon - 35 weeks to go! Today I ran 3 miles for the first time in...well, years. 1996 was the last time I ran a marathon, and the last time I did any serious training...