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hi all im 46 years old ,live in  tamworth staffs,


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ballot time

hi just a quickie, i thourght about ( didnt take long) and have decided to try for next year, anybody know what time the ballot opens cheeers 

well i did it what a day and ...

hi all congratulations to all those that did london at the weekend hope you are recovering well, i manged to get round just under my target time in 4hr:59min 15 think the heat slowed me up a bit well the weekend started on friday morning when we travell...

last long run done

hi all hope we are all well,ran the silverstone half marathon  realley pleased with my time of 2hrs 08 min 6min faster than i have ever run in training, amazing what running with people can do, did my last long run in  prep for london manged just under ...

getting there slowly

hi all its been a while as work and training has been busy, hope everyones traing is going well, been out today and ran my longest distance ever ,17 miles in 3hhrs 10min fairly pleased with the time ran 99% of the way just a litttle walk up a hill towar...

half marathon distance done

hi all, happy new year to you all, not been on for a while work training and alll that ,training for the vlm 2014 is going well ,went out new years day and ran a half marathon distance which was about ten days early to what was planned on my training sc...

advice needed

hi all training is going well and have now started to enjoy running outside , in my fourth week of a 26 week training plan for the vlm2014, i have been doing 3 runs  aweek 2 four miles in a time of around 37min , i have done one 5 mile run time 48 min ,...

so the training as begun

hi all ,so the training has begun for vlm2014,been doing three 4 miles runs a week ,outside im runnning 4miles in around 39 min ,for some reason if i run it on a treadmill its around 43 min anyone explain that one, i normal ref a football game on a sund...

so the training as begun

hi all so after a week cruising in the med , the training for the vlm as begun, decided to start easy with two runs on the treadmill at the gym ,2miles on monday 22.42 , then 5 miles today 54.32 , both followed by some core work, i am planning to do som...

hotel for marathon

hi all, anybody looking for a hotel for marthom weekend travel lodge are doing friday to monday for for 239 pound , nice central loction for a weekend away ive just booked 4 rooms there for me and my family ,

finally after 5years of trying

my first blog so bear with me, after five years of trying i have finally got a place in the 2014 london marathon ,i have been running on and off for a few years did a 9 mile fun run this june in 1hr 15min and that was not training to much.will be blogin...