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Posted on: 15 Mar 2015

(this was the entry that would have been posted, WiFi permitting last week)

12 March, Oz en Oisans, Isère, France

and (crikey) just a month and a day 'til the Marathon de Paris. Time for (hopefully) just a quick post Grizzly update from the Land of Oz.

I'm not sure if the Grizzly was what they had in mind as a 20 mile run at the end of week 11. However easily I may have felt I took it, it took a lot out of my legs, and week 12 was starting to be a bit of a struggle. But also week 12 was always destined to be split into two, with a week's "Altitude Training" (AKA Skiing) always planned for the next weekend. Hence I find myself in Oz en Oisans with Ruth and SingleSport, experiencing the domain skiable of Alpe D'Huez, one of the most iconic names known to followers of the Tour-de-France, alongside Mr Jon May, Ride London 2015 training partner.

So far we have been blessed with great weather and great company. And on Monday we ascended Pic Blanc to experience "Top Of The World" views, and to ski the Sarenne. I spent a day here circa 1997 and skied the same run then. The conditions are much better this week.

As far as running is concerned week 12's long run, scheduled for Sunday, will be the inaugural Weymouth Half Marathon. How will this go I wonder. If the warning signs from last September's Great North Run aer anything to go by I should be wary. A week's walking in Snowdonia was not, on the face of it, ideal preparation for one of tthe world's great mass participation events, and a half marathon Personal Worst ensued.

But my current thinking is that skiing downhill should be considerably easier than walking uphill. And, after all the training, I know I am considerable fitter than I was Normally competitive me would be keen to really go for it and aim for a PB. Ultra sensible me would aim to run at 6 min/km and achieve an new half marathon PW. I don't think it will be ultra sensible me that turns up on Sunday.

Bon soir.

En route pour Paris


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