Gym Session 2 - improving on the rowing machine

Posted on: 09 Aug 2012

For the second time this week I've improved my best time on the rowing machine. Today the 2000m took me 8:41.0min, 8 seconds better than on Monday. I read on Google that competitive indoor rowers can take anywhere between 5:30min and 9:00min, so I guess I'm doing okay for a newbie. I'd like to get down under 8 minutes, which I think is achievable because I've already managed a 1000m in 3:59, and 500m in 1:45min.

I found the treadmill more difficult than last time, feeling a little heavy-legged and a bit painful on my inner calves. But not bad. 

Weights were okay. I found out my wife lifted 90kg on the leg press when she used to go to the gym, the same as me, so today I upped it to 100kg. I read a Chris Hoy quote saying his best was 650kg!

Today's spreadsheet comments for the gym session were:

Cycled 10mins at between 65RPM and 83RPM. Found it easier to stretch forward when peddling. Rowed 2000m in 8:41.0min non-stop. Did leg, back, stomach and more leg weights. Ran 1.6km in 8:29min. Inner legs a little sort when running. Watched Bolt win the 200m before going home.

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