57 For (at least) 3

Posted on: 18 Jun 2014

My name is Keith and I Am A Bad Blogger … no blogs … no reading … no commenting … no commenting on commenting … there are some extenuating circumstances – maybe more of that another time, but essentially I think it’s still blogging burnout after the great marathon effort. So at last a quick précis of these last few weeks.

A couple of weeks back I too achieved the millstone of being 57 years old. My view of birthdays had begun to be somewhat morbid. A bit like you’re out on a run and you pass one more lamp-post on the way down some one-way street, knowing that at some point you’ll reach the end. But now, miraculously, and thanks to my new found pastime, birthdays have a whole new meaning – something to truly celebrate. Overnight a boost of pretty well 0.5 of one percentage point to my age graded performance. Let’s get out there and make the most of it!

The running of course continues …

After the solitude of the marathon training, a chance to be a bit more sociable (which doesn’t always come easy). Thanks to Kim and Amy among others for getting me out there and for accompanying me to a few Egdon Heath Harriers Tuesday evening pub runs (after all I suspect the extra year also equates to at least a half a percentage uplift on the grumpy scale). It is very easy to take certain things for granted. I will always be a South-East London boy. You can take the boy out of South-East London etc etc … but there’s much to be said for living by the sea, on the Jurassic Coast, in the beautiful county of Dorset. How about this for views on a Tuesday night?

Tuesday Night - Portland And The Fleet

I recently returned to Crewkerne, the setting for my first ever “proper” run, last year, to see friend, former work colleague, and one of the people that inspired me to run, Tim Hoyle, and another crack at the Crewkerne 10k, a seriously hilly road race, with the biggest hill as the sting in the tail (but what a great downhill finish as the reward). Knowing what I know now, a totally different run this year and an improvement of nearly seven minutes. But still two and a bit minutes down on this lady - now there’s someone to be inspired by. After the run I was chatting to a chap from the Axe Valley runners. We first established that (total coincidence) he was now sharing an office with Tim in his new job. Then further discussion revealed (more total coincidence) that he was a relative of (and London Marathon training run partner of) Michelle (Mrs) Bee!

Nick And Me At Crewkerne


And parkruns …

A few weeks back I was determined to have another crack at a PB (and hopefully a first sub 23 min run) at Weymouth. But then was joined on the run by my younger daughter Anneliese who was home for just one night. Anneliese (and I hope she won’t mind me saying this) is not naturally built for speed, but she has recently loaded a 5k running app onto her iPhone and has been out run-walking in her local park. But this was a total step into the unknown for her. So run-walk it we did, guided by A’s iPhone, and accompanied by tail runner Matt Ames, and she completed . Her first ever 5k under her belt. A massive well done to her. So hope she keeps it going.

Then last week the Pegwell Bay parkrun down in the Garden Of England. I was seriously stressed in advance, and really didn’t know how this would go. But the plan was to be guided by Garmin and to go right on 23 minute pace (4:36 mins per km) and go for broke at the end. Well sometimes (but certainly not always) you make a plan and you execute. And this was just such an occasion. I note that the parkrun website makes no hard and fast guarantees about the actual distance you will run. According to Garmin Pegwell Bay is around 50 metres short of the full distance (and it is also very flat) making it an ideal venue for a 5k PB (of sorts). When the dust had settled (and the text arrived) delighted to have finally cracked that 23 min barrier (22:45).

And now on to this weekend … a trip to the smoke. Friday night will be “Wicked”. Saturday a chance to see elder daughter Madeleine’s return to the stage in the Tower Theatre Company’s staging of “The Producers”. And then Sunday the promised delight of a renewed acquaintance with the one and only Mr HollywoodDave at the first ever ‘Ackney ‘Alf. When I signed up, I loved the idea of a free tour of the Olympic Park but, at around 10 miles, I fear I may be in no state to truly appreciate it.


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