Gym Session 1 - best session yet!

Posted on: 06 Aug 2012

I spent an hour and a half in the gym this evening, escaping the two kids' bedtime routine and the one-shortly-on-its-way for a little while. Kept one eye on the TV on the gym wall which, probably like most TVs around the UK, was showing the Olympics. The competitors look so young! The absolute astonishment of the commentators when a 34-year-old win the hurdles makes me feel really old. (I'm 35 by the way.)

Although this post is called Gym Session 1, its not actually my first session - I've been a member and fairly regular attendee since January. It it just my first session since the Olympics inspired me to take it a bit more seriously. Today was in fact my 51st session of the year, and as with all the previous 50, my activities, thoughts, intensity and timings are all logged in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also worked out that today's session means that I'm now averaging £4.95 per session, less than the £5 they charge non-members. So take that gym - I win from the annual contract.

For those who are interested, this is the comment I've logged in my spreadsheet against today's session:

Cycled 10mins at 79RPM on level 9. Rowed 2000m in 8:49.6min non-stop. Did leg, stomach and back weights. Ran 2km in 10:28min at constant pace around 11.5km/h, first 1.6km in 8:24min. Walked for 0.5km. Ran about 0.6km then stopped to watch an Olympic final. Finished off with a 1.6km run in 9:29min. Good session. Felt inspired by the Olympics and thoughts of Commonwealth Games.

I'm yet to pick which sport I want to focus upon. In my teens I was a competitive swimmer, so that is an option. Perhaps running or cycling. I'm open to ideas if anyone fancies guiding me.


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