My Correct Decision and Stunning Results

Posted on: 08 Apr 2013

After reading some more information and consulting with a dietitian, I understood I was missing the whole point. Successful weight loss consists both of dieting and hard physical exercising. Moreover, the key to completing those both tasks is using the diet pills. My doctor advised me to use Phentermine as effective and reliable supplement.

After developing my completely new dieting and exercising plan, I bought the full course of those pills and started my final attempt to lose weight. All greasy products in my ration were replaced with less fatty ones, potatoes and bakery were replaced with whole grain products and brown rice, I subscribed in my local gym.

I divided my daily ration in 5 lesser snacks instead of 3 bigger meals. Coffee, alcohol and sweets were nearly excluded from my ration, while a plethora of salads, fresh fruits and vegetables appeared in it. I was taking pills according to the prescription, mainly before gym training hours and that gave me strength both to complete my exercises and to withstand the hunger pangs. I also started walking before sleep (actually, I started dating Sarah and walked home by foot instead of taking a taxi).

At first, she was obviously trying to find the nice way to reject me without losing our friendship, so she was polite but untouchable. Then, on one wonderful September day, she noticed I lost some weight and asked what happened. I honestly answered her I was losing weight to become healthier and happier and never make her ashamed of me before anyone.

That made a great impression on her and we finally started dating for real. It was very hard for me to remain patient and not overdose the pills in order to speed up the process, as doctor clearly said overdose would have no good results, but may cause addiction. I followed the prescription strictly and reduced usage from full dose to zero at the end to avoid withdrawal effects.

Until December I lost 50 pounds of fat and what was more important – lost my overeating habit. I continued my regular exercising, which is more like fun than routine now for me. When we celebrated Christmas with her friends, they didn’t recognize me at first and were greatly surprised when Sarah told them I was the same fat guy from September.

Things continued this way and thanks to those pills, Sarah’s support, love, and my good will I lost 120 pounds until April. I am in good physical shape now, gent and nice looking and you know what? I am going to propose her soon! Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading, your comments and feedback is greatly appreciated! I would appreciate an advise upon keeping up the good shape without spending so much time in gym, as I have much more interesting things to do now…

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