Turning St.Albans Orange

Posted on: 08 Sep 2013

What an impressive turn out! 


We drove into the car park this morning wondering exactly where the meeting point would be.........no need to worry. the orange glow was visable from quite some distance!  Marc Phillips and his hareem of 9, in excellent spirits and ready to go. So great to finally meet Tania and Fanny :-)


Expanding the fab 4 to the fab 10 and off we went- our race director initially leading the way.


but Roxy only knows how to run at the front and soon put herself there.



Roxy shamed Jane - demonstarting the usual stops in the training programme...... 



Too focussed for that today Roxy! We had running to do



What a great run - the St.Albans crew did Oggies run proud!

Hope everyone had an equally good run.


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