Lighting up the country in Orange

Posted on: 05 Aug 2013

Hey fellow runners, jogger, warriors and “back to back half marathon runners”  I  hope everyone had a great weekend – no matter what they did.


Just 34 days to go now till the great Real Buzzers run.  34 days till we all go running – together or individually,  to be part of this great virtual event.Smile


 I have been checking out Vin spread sheet and it looks like we now have 25 confirmed runners but I know lots of you have said you want to join up and haven’t yet – so come on , take the plunge and mail Vin!


Its open to everyone . There no entry fee – just add A £10 donation to NASS if you can.


Its good to see the orange theme is starting to take hold – loving the wellies and the Tractor Brian! Mail me photos of your orange outfits everyone and I’ll post them on here.



If you haven’t already then check out our face book pages too. Its looking great!!/



So last question for you all. Do we want actual paper running numbers that we can attach to shorts or Tops? I can have a go at designing some if you like? Maybe quite small  ones that we can attach to shorts for those running in official events.

Happy Running

Jane & Roxy



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