Weybridge route for Real Buzzers Run

Posted on: 16 Aug 2013

 Real Buzzers Run together !!

 Remeber the idea is that on the 8th of September us fellow Real buzzers all run or walk  together?  It doesn’t matter where you run or how far you run – lets all just try and run on that day. 

There are 20 Plus  of us running so far – come join us– it will be fun! We will all wear orange and be one big virtual team. check out the face book site


 There are some organised events of varying distances you could join - or you can run by yourself.

 York – ( Angus Mc) details in blog post 9th July

 St-Albans- ( marcphillips) 10km ish.  Details in blog post in 8th Aug 

Chester  ( Rob Barber)  Details in blog post 15th June

 Bath- (Gloshawk)

 Maidenhead – Maidenhead official half marathon

 London.  Run to the beat to the beat – Official half Marathon

 Dingle ( DaveCH)

And finally there is a weybridge walk too!

it will be on the towpath alongside the Basingstoke Canal from Ash Vale to Brookwood - 9.7km, so we'll have to do a couple of laps of the car park as well to make up the missing 300m! Starting time to follow. Good pub at the end of the route too : )

All you need to do is mail Vin and tell him what you plan to do, he will register you on his spread sheet and give you a running number. You can find him here http://www.realbuzz.com/users/u/Vin/

We also nominated a charity that we could support through this run. National Anklosing Spondylitis Society.  http://www.nass.co.uk/news/september-8-to-have-a-real-buzz/ Go take a look . If every one running donating £10 then we would raise a tidy sum.


Happy running

Jane & Roxy

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