Great Oggie Run #2 07/09/14

Posted on: 07 Sep 2014

My little contribution to the Great Oggie Run number 2

Well I did what I set out to do.  11 miles: Crystal Palace Park, through upper Penge to Elmers End, onto to Kelsey Park, then on through Beckenham and along Coopers Cope Road to Catford (Runkeeper lost me at this point).  Then onto the Waterlink Way – didn’t go too far down it as I became aware that the little voice in my head had gone quiet (Runkeeper).  Stopped on a bench to try to re-instate it but failed miserably. 

But took the opportunity of enjoying the unplanned  sit down with my feet dangling (it was quite a tall bench) and sipping my coconut water - very relaxing just taking in the peace and quiet, t’was almost a shame to get started but I did.  So with Runkeeper once again tracking me (started all over again), I decided I must have gone 8 miles by now and so started the slow run home.  Ended up going round Alexandra Rec Park twice to try to get close to the 3 mile mark and just made it home by that point.  (Although I didn’t know how far I’d actually succeeded until I’d totted up the 3 different sections!  Totalled: 11.06 miles in about 2.15hrs).

Before and after photos tell a story:  (sorry the after photo is a bit grim.  My hair was wet through with sweat, right to the ends)!


Well done to everyone who has helped make today special.

My normal blog follows re my training last week:

Week 7 and Parkrun 39

The 10miles on Sunday turned into 9.1 instead – lost runkeeper up the top of Sydenham again – strangest thing ever – after about 2 miles it disappeared on me and so I stopped to try to get it back, eventually gave up and hoped it would ‘catch up with me a bit further down the hill’.  Went on about 30 seconds and it said “Workout Complete” – “15 miles!”.  So I stopped again and had another look and blow me down, it thought I’d somehow got from the top of Crystal Palace to the other side of Swanley in about 15 seconds!  My total said: 15:38miles in 30:14mins Average Pace: 1.58! now that’s really flying!


Couldn’t get it back after that even after switching my phone off and on so just carried on and hoped for the best.  Felt totally shattered by the time I crawled home and not a little upset by working the route out to be 9.1 miles instead of 10.

Tuesday – was the interval session – 4 miles followed by 4x20 second bursts.  Went a different route to avoid the Sydenham ‘black out’ area and it seemed to work.  My ‘Zombie Runs’ were mostly in the 7 mins (7.26 pace being the best) so I was very pleased with those.  Total time out was 54 mins.

Thursday Day 47.  The whole session felt hard work today – left a little later (about 8:50) as my job share colleague is now back from the Philippines  so I’m back to my normal start time of 1pm.  (Which means I can have a lie-in occasionally now).  The program said 4x1 but it actually sneaked in a 6 miler!  1 mile slow followed by 4 miles ‘fast’ with 1 min recovery between, finishing off with a slow mile. (“Fast is 10:45/mi to 11:00/mi pace per mile. slow pace should be 12:10/mi to 12:30/mi or slower“) I’ve changed the options on Runkeeper to state an actual pace instead of the average – doesn’t help me go any faster but at least I have a better idea of what I’m doing.  My fastest mile was paced at: 10:25 and boy was I huffing and puffing with a wheeze in between.  After that I slowed a bit and managed an 11:01 and two 10:50’s so I was pretty pleased with myself overall.  My first mile – the slow one – I walked it as per Rob’s advice and averaged 16:15 pace – well it did say ‘or slower!’.

Saturday the 5 miles went out the window and I went for my 39th Parkrun.  It’s definitely a harder course ran the wrong way round!  Slow one today 31.17.  No excuses just didn’t try hard enough.

Afternoon I had my appointment and I’ve defiantly got Achilles Tendonitis but thankfully it’s only mild as I got to him before it was too developed.  He has suggested some extra warming up ‘dynamic’ stretches for before I run and recommended a foam roller to ‘massage’ my calves. Agreed with the 10 min walk before, along with the stretches on the stair case.  (So top advice from Buzzers all round there).

Tomorrow I am hoping to run the program recommended 11 miles.  I’ll be wearing blue and wearing my ‘Running for Louie’ printout. (Job Done – TICK)


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