First post and nothing to report!

Posted on: 07 Feb 2007

I've finally decided to start my own blog but have nothing to report coz I'm full of a cough and cold and can't run.........what a bummer!

I've been following the Runners World sub 4hrs 30 programme and training had been going well up until Saturday when I started with a sore throat and runny nose so couldn't do my planned 11-12 miles on Sunday. I haven't run since Friday so I'm starting to  feel like a caged animal who needs letting out to run wild, very frustrating. Still I know I couldn't run 100 metres at the moment without having a coughing fit so no point trying, I'll just have to be patient, something I'm not very good at.

I think I'll just go and put the kettle on for another Lemsip.

Happy training everyone and may you be free from the dreaded lurgy.

 Julie x

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