Luton Half Marathon

Posted on: 21 Oct 2015

Hello everyone . Thank you so much for all your comments , best wishes or just for reading my recent posts it really means a lot to me that you take the time to do that. My gum feels ok after the wisdom tooth came out , I was feeling rather strange on Saturday but by Sunday morning I felt ready for a run and the dentist said it would be ok , so I took a reasonably easy pace and ran mainly along the canal, and i am glad I did because I spotted a spectacular bird , something that always stops me in my tracks Wink ! This one was a Kingfisher , just a flash of blue then I watched it land on a tree branch about 50 yards in front . I got close enough  to see it see me and then it was gone . I also scared a Heron who was about to pounce on an unsuspecting fish , we are so lucky to have this sort of thing on our doorstep .Not many runners to say hello too , I guess they get up later than me. After 5 miles I could feel my wound start to throb so I thought it best to head home . I was ok once I got in the house and sat down for a bit. I ran early Tuesday morning in the dark and a quick couple of laps around the estate tonight at 5k pace. This one was strange because I had another very busy day at work and didn't eat lunch until almost 3pm (I didn't even sit down to do this) , so I felt rather tired but I just got the gear on and did it . I completely forgot about the stress and strain of the day and feel really good this evening. I also stopped on the first lap to help a hedgehog who was crossing the road a little too slowly for my liking . The traffic is quite busy along this road in the evening and I didn't want him to get flattened. 

So this weekend we have a lot of Realbuzzers running in Snowdonia. I hope you all have a wonderful time be that running or cheering . Me , I am not doing anything quite so demanding but i am really really pleased to be able to say I am running another event bearing in mind the state of my achilles only a few weeks ago. As always it's what you put in that gets results and i have tried so hard with my regime , the warm up , stretching and so on and i feel fitter than I thought I could be . The Luton race director emailed to say this is the largest field of runners the half marathon has had in it's 3 years which is great. They have altered the course considerably as we are starting from the Luton Athletics track and heading downhill towards Luton Hoo before doubling back towards Wardown Park and then the town centre . There should certainly be less climbs than the last time I ran this in 2013. One thing that does puzzle me is that for a town as big as Luton and with Dunstable , Leighton Buzzard and Hitchin close by , why this half marathon isn't a much bigger event. Luton doesn't even have a Parkrun which is very odd when you consider there are at least half a dozen Parks that could host it. 

I am going to give my legs a rest now and do nothing more for 3 days other than the stretching routines and heel drops to strengthen my calves. I always do this before a half marathon and I always feel fresh and eager come race day. Fingers crossed that the rain holds off for runners and spectators.

Cheers everyone

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