The Return

Posted on: 25 Sep 2015

Well it's been a while , blogging that is , but finally I have something to report running-wise and that is I am doing it ! To cut a long story short I have been struggling for some time with another achilles problem , in the opposite leg this time , and my running has been very restricted .Having had this injury through the last part of my London Marathon training and the run itself I knew what I would be up against , so I have been very careful to follow a strict regime of one run followed by 3 days rest , with heel drops and stretching too . I am happy to say that this strategy is working and i have had the best week's running in ages . I really do feel like me again :). 

it has been a very busy summer and I have been fairly relaxed about the lack of running , I was able to just spend time with the boys , get up late and not fret about running kit , what I am eating etc etc. Not only that but we have been out and about so much that I doubt I would be able to fit much running in anyway. I did take the gear with me to Woolacombe and I attempted a cross country run from the top of the hill into town and back . The view was awesome and running along the seafront in the early morning was great but I was done in after a few miles especially with the steep climb back home . I knew I wasn't ready. So the rest of the time was spent visiting Gosport , Portsmouth Historic Dockyard , Isle Of Wight and a nice week in Mablethorpe with the parents. If I wasn't running I still managed plenty of miles  walking.

In my last blog I mentioned my plans , a crack at my fourth PB of the year with a Half Marathon which was going to be at Peterborough,  but my Mum mentioned the Mablethorpe Half which I had forgotten about . The Mablethorpe Half and Marathon starts and finishes in the school playing fields at the bottom of my Mum's garden ! It was a no brainer , a really flat course that I knew from my training runs there , and a base literally on the doorstep of the race venue. Sadly the race is too close for me to run  this year but it is my intention to do it in 2016. However I am feeling no pain at all in my legs now and I ran the quickest session (for me) in ages after work tonight , only 3 miles but in 23 minutes which I was very pleased about . I also ran an hour or so along the canal in the week with a big smile on my face , enjoying the peaceful surroundings and the sun on my back . It was great . So with this in mind I may go for the Luton half marathon at the end of October as i should just about get enough miles in to have a decent stab at it . I don't think I will be able to reach the high of last years run at Oxford but I will give it my best shot . Also , a friend of mine is running it this year and she messaged me to say it would be great if we could meet up there . We shall see . In the meantime I am taking the family to Great Yarmouth for the weekend as a treat for the boys who have settled into their new schools and worked very hard already . It certainly looks like we have got lucky with the weather forecast ! Now that I am running regularly again I have an excuse to eat one or two of those yummy hot doughnuts they serve by the pier .

Finally I just want to say what an inspiration it is reading all your blogs , I may have been a bit quiet on the blogging myself but I have tried to read all your posts and there has been some truly fabulous running and wonderful stories. Really awesome stuff . And on that note I do hope Jim and Dave have a great time at the weekend , it's a huge and mighty challenge but I am sure they will complete it . What state they will be in is another matter !! Wishing them the best of luck.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy running.

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