Final countdown

Posted on: 29 Mar 2016

Hello , just a quick update about the past week or so. The training has been sporadic as I have developed a niggle in the left leg so I only ran once midweek and spent several days resting before 11 miles on Sunday morning. The long run was certainly interesting following the storm the day before . I had planned to run mostly along the canal towards  Bletchley but 3 miles in a huge tree had fallen not only across the towpath but also the waterway , preventing walkers , runners AND barges from making any progress. I stopped and stared for a few moments thinking 'can I climb over this tree ' ? No chance of that and there was no way around it so I ran back towards town then headed towards the country park as i knew i could rejoin the canal here and make up the miles before heading home. I don't know why I haven't run this stretch before because it is a nice quiet part of Leighton Buzzard, no traffic and good paths around the lake . I did one and a half laps of the lake then joined the canal to complete my run. I mentioned my leg injury in my last post - i have been stretching and taking ibuprofen but I still felt awkward when running in the first couple of miles then strangely the pain seems to subside. Instead the pain moved to my hip area . It's nothing drastic , on a scale of 1-10 I would say the pain was about 2 . I ran a speedy 3 miler tonight and the same thing happened , leg felt awkward at first then pain went the faster i ran. I also got soaked from head to foot when the heavens opened but I really enjoyed it ! Following this I had a very cold bath with took my breathe away at first , but my legs feel ok now. I am going to run a short stint tommorow and see how I am . I might rest a little longer before Reading on Sunday . I was a little bit down about this niggle last week , but I am more positive now , it is just frustrating that my last four events have been run with injury problems . I think I am a long way from the fitness I had at Silverstone in March last year but I am determined to sort it out. 

I hope you all have a great week

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