51 Days to go

Posted on: 27 Feb 2017

With a little over 7 weeks to go I thought I would capture some of my key weeks of training. 

The next 5 weeks are all I have to pick my speed up and build endurance before I start a 2 week taper in to the Marathon (my first ever 26.2 miles)

Current status:

I have been a runner for 2 years.

Last race was Peterborough half marathon Oct 2016 in a time of 1h29min.

I got a late entry in to London in February through the Royal Marsden Cancer charity. - A great charity I am privilaged to support: 


My programme:

Try to run 50 miles per week

Monday - rest or 10 miles easy

Tuesday - fast tempo run at 5-10K pace

Wednesday - 5 miles easy

Thursday - intervals/fartlek 

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Long run 1-2 h

Sunday - easy 1-1h30.


Last week I switched things round and tried a run home from work on Friday night. I ran from St Pauls to Orpington and caught the train the rest of the way. I went through some interesting areas that I would not want to run through once it got dark, but a great way of getting in a 15 mile run letting me have a day off on Saturday instead. 

Cold shower on my legs when I got home was a must to help my DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). 

Since getting my marathon place in Feb I have stepped up my training from 20-25 miles per week up to 40-50. 

I know I could do a sub 3h marathon, but it is going to be close. A number of sponsors have offered to double their sponsorship if I do it in under 3h, so that is quite an incentive. 

Race time predictor websites have me at 3:03-3:12 so I need to train hard... 

Tonight- 10 miles easy pace to start the week. My sore legs can't wait! 


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