Stepping it up

Posted on: 02 May 2016

Blimey was it really the 4th April since my last post ? I really have been slacking in the blog department . At least I haven't been absent from the road and in fact I have stepped up the frequency of my running . I think I mentioned in my last post that I had been looking back over my training and I noticed that for some reason I had reduced the number of days training - I don't know why I have been doing this but I guess in the back of my mind I am still nervous following the injuries I have had before the last three events I have trained for. I still have a niggle in my left leg , it has been on and off since the week before the Reading half marathon . It's not getting any worse but I can't figure out what is going on . I have a tender area half way up the leg right next to the shin bone but I when I run i can't really feel it , only when i stop or when i sit or lie in certain positions . I still haven't seen my GP yet but it seems it is no longer possible to see a doctor in this country without a long wait or in an emergency. I have been doing what Nick suggested previously and do lots of stretching in the evenings as well as post run , and a thorough warm up before run. In the past I could be my usual cautious self and cut the training back , but i have got angry with this because I just want to run ! It doesn't seem to have made things worse - 'anger is an energy' as John Lydon once sang . And to top that I had head cold that hung around for a few days so I was really chomping at the bit .

So onto this weeks training - Tuesday a steady 3 miles to ease myself in . Wednesday 4 miles Fartlek session , average HR 151 bpm .  Thursday 45 minutes  1 minute below 10k pace , ave HR 150 bpm . Friday 3.2 miles easy HR 149bpm . Sunday  10 miles , ave HR 150 bpm 

I have been toying with the idea of changing my regular running shoe . I have used Mizuno Waveriders for the past four years but I did briefly switch to the new Adidas ultra boost last year. They haven't had a lot of use but I feel the latest Waveriders are too bulky and stiff so I reverted to the Adidas that have been lurking under the stairs and felt more comfortable in these. I have also tested the lighter Adios boost shoes and found an awesome looking pair of Adidas adios boost Haile edition shoes on a website and ordered these . First run in them was fantastic , they are very light and the running felt fluid and natural . I really like the feel of the boost material and the fit is good. I love my Mizuno's but i am happy to run in the adidas now. 

The Sunday run was awesome , I felt comfortable for the whole 10 miles which the heart rate average shows . I hadn't planned to run that far as I am training for the London 10000 at the end of the month so I was thinking maybe 8 miles would do but the weather was perfect first thing and the stretch of canal i was running along was so peaceful with only the birds breaking the silence, and i was completely relaxed. The running felt effortless and i have not felt that way for a while. At one point I bumped into a group of ladies dressed in pink setting off on a training session for 'walk for life' and one solitary runner making his way slowly in the opposite direction. I think I annoyed the local Heron who wasn't too keen on my approach - as soon as i got near he would flap his wings and take himself about 100 yards up the bank only for me to reach him again within a minute or two. He would sqwauk and fly further along before perching himself on the bank again .This ritual continued for a couple of miles before he finally realised I was always heading in his direction and he flew across the field ! On the way back I passed some stationary barges and the smell of eggs and bacon filled my nostrils. I was now really looking forward to a cooked breakfast when i got home . The sun was now very warm on my back and it felt good . I got home in about 1 hour and 35 minutes and as I approached I could see Tracy at the door talking to our friend and neighbour Echelle ( also a runner - she's taking part in the London 10000 too ) . ' Had a good run ' she asks - 'yes it was really good today' says I , my mind already thinking of eggs , bacon etc . Tracy then informs me that the electric is off and that's why she is stood at the door in her dressing gown chatting to Echelle. Power networks inform us the electric will not be on until 11am - no cooked breakfast for me then . At least we had hot water for my bath . As it turned out the power was not restored until 3pm so tracy made trips back and forward to her mum's with hot tea etc. I was planning on writing this blog yesterday but wasn't able to with the power off and we've been catching up with chores all day today. The power has been off three times in the past 10 days . Not good. Still the afternoon was glorious so i sat outside and read a book I have been meaning to read for some time ' The Way Of the Runner ' by Adharanand Finn . it's really good .

So hopefully this week another five runs and a little more speed thrown in . It would also be nice if I didn't have to wear the full winter gear in the mornings too Smile , it is supposed to be spring after all .

Have a great week everyone

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