VMLM 44 Days to go...

Posted on: 09 Mar 2017

Some days your legs feel like lead and odd aches and pains hold you back, other days you feel light and want to run all day. After a week of easy runs last week with a slight reduction in overall distance to 37 miles I am feeling light on my feet and eager to run.

Monday was a 10 mile session on the treadmill. I got through two episodes of the walking dead- Zombies are a great motivator to keep you running. I did finish the session with some pain in my big toe- this left me feeling concerned again that I was rolling from one injury to the next. I quickly realised it was only hurting on the side where I had my tight calf muscle and doing the exercise to stretch it putting my toe up on the wall was bending my toe back to far and causing a strain.

After my scheduled rest day on Tuesday the toe ache had cleared up and I was ready to push on. Wednesday was an opportunity for a lunch time run with a friend. We did an easy paced 5 mile circuit of London starting at St Pauls, along the river to Westminster, over the water, along to London Bridge and back to St Pauls. After the rest 5 miles felt very short.

Tonight I am planning a 10 mile tempo/interval session, medium-hard effort to ensure I have enough energy left for a 15-20 mile run on Friday night.

With six weeks to go I am only 3-4 weeks away from the start of the taper- train hard and push it to the limit…

Jake Fricker (Author of I am a Runner)



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