26.2 miles is going to be a very long way!

Posted on: 13 Oct 2013

Having completed my first couple of training runs even though short and sweet in nature, a reacurring thought keeps crossing my mind - 26.2 miles is an awfully long way!!

After looking through marathon training plans and due to my popadom-like body I decided to chose a training plan that only involved 3 days of running per week which will allow me to cross-train with such exercises as the stepper machine and cycling. As well as allow me to hit weights still twice a week. The three runs are divided into a long stead state run,an interval training run and a speed run.
As a novice runner I would be interested on the thoughts of more experienced runners on this frequency of running?
Another query raised in my last blog was for a target time. This has brought 2 different target times - using the double your 1/2 marathon and add 20 minutes gives me a target time of 3 hours 16 minutes. Using a race calculator on the runners world website predicted a time of 3 hours 5 minutes! My initial thinking was to aim to break the 3 hour 30 minute barrier however these 2 predictors have led to me considering reassessing my target time.
Again I would be interested to know more experienced runners thoughts? Also I would like to know what peoples experiences of the start of the race were? Am I likely to lose a lot of time at the start due to the sear amount of people?
I still haven't had time to play around with my nutrition yet but I am currently trying to get hold of some lucozade energy gels (which I believe are the gels given out in the London marathon?) so I can test them out to see if they agree with me - I can't think of nothing worse than getting runners trots halfway round!! The usual gels I use are SIS energy gels and I would be intrigued to know how the two differ?
A week in Leicester at university this week means a reduction in training and an inevitable slacking off of diet however the marathon is 25 weeks away so 1 week reduction in training shouldn't effect things too much, however I do have a 10km run next month where I am aiming to break the sub 40 minute barrier - time to my act together!


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