127 Hours (+)

Posted on: 23 Feb 2014

If it looks like a duck, and tastes like a duck ...

One of the side effects of my recent training day in London with CLIC Sargent was that I came home armed with numerous free samples of recovery drinks. Now I am a reformed character, sticking closely to a published plan, I have been religously putting a drink in the fridge for when I get in from running. Well all I can say is that this particular one lead me to thinking about the film 127 hours (hmmm – geddit?).


According to Garmin, since June 16 2013, my running stats are as follows:

Count: 99 Activities
Distance: 1,059.40 km
Time: 112:54:09 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 7,733 m
Avg Speed: 9.4 km/h
Calories: 75,696 C (yay – that's a lot of pizzas!)

And the earlier Endomondo logs from my phone give:

Total workouts: 33
Total duration: 29h:37m
Total distance:  278.75 km
Average speed:  9.41 km/h
Average pace:  6m:23s
Calories burned:  23783 kcal
Burgers burned:  44 (thank guys – but I'd rather have pizza stats.)

So all things taken into consideration, I'm well through the 127 hours mark on this "project"

I've been following Runner's World Improvers plan, but have adjusted it a bit because they had a half marathon planned for a different week. Consequently today I attempted the long run they scheduled the week before the half marathon – this was a 20 mile slow run. This was my longest to date. It was a lot windier than last week, and I found it pretty tough, especially the last few km when I turned into the wind particularly along the sea-front. Have to say I was well Kerry Packered by the end and I copped out and drove to town for my reward, breakfast at the Sailors Return. But looking forward to the pre-half marathon mini taper that the plan gives me this week :-) (have also begun a self imposed alcohol taper - none has passed my lips for two weeks now!).

Talking of this week – this is a big week in the world of Keith's Marathon Dream, with my main fund-raising event scheduled for Saturday Night, a (paradoxically) FREE concert by "Brass Tacks" with whom I play the cornet (badly). But I shall take the opportunity to also play the guitar there (which I can play rather better than the cornet  :-)   ). I'm hoping this will push me up towards the £3,000 mark. And then up at the crack of dawn Sunday for the Bath Half Marathon. Think I'll need the day off work booked for Monday week!

Apart from that I have taken delivery off:

1. A pair of bright red Sauconys (the only ones I could get in my size)

2 A copy of (on Mrs Bee's recommendation) "Running Like A Girl" – but when the hell will I get the chance to read it – I suspect I know the answer to that one – not until after April 13th :-(

Look forward to letting you know how it all goes,


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