Well, Well, Well

Posted on: 09 Mar 2014

Last week's blog entry reported two welling up moments. And yesterday a third. I was bucketeering at Morrisons. A tip I picked up from my previous incarnation as a charity fund-raiser was to never go anywhere without a supply of sweets to offer to children who donate (normally with money supplied by their parents) to your cause. And a young lad (about 10 I guess) was pushed towards me in a wheelchair and dropped some money in the bucket. I offered the pink sweet bucket to him and he took a sweet out. And then he held his arms out, and as I bent down he gave me a great big hug ... tears in eyes again ... took me some minutes to get over it.

My garden table – thanks to Charlotte from the flower counter for the photo :-)

The day started out with a conflict as it seemed the ladies from Apple Home Improvements also had the foyer booked. But since possession is nine tenths of the law (but remember that seven out of every five people don't understand fractions – I learned that at the Grizzly today!), I moved their stuff to one side and parked my garden table in its place and the money started to roll in.

But soon I was approached by Karen from customer services, the Henry Kissinger of Morrisons Weymouth. The Applettes had arrived, so we (amicably .. ish) agreed that we would pick up my table and move it into the store and a new site was found right by the national lottery station. What a result? CLIC Sargent is a most compelling good cause, that takes so little selling to people. The customers of Weymouth dug deep and contributed to the tune of £559.50p. So thanks to Karen and Charlotte, and also to Linda and Rose at Morrisons.



And then today a most unusual Sunday long run as Mrs Bee's club the Axe Valley Runners presented the legendary "Grizzly". I agreed with work colleagues Chris and Tim that we would sign up for the cub run (not the full 20 miles – just nine miles of shingle beach, hills, and just a little mud - unlike the full Grizzly). Truly a joy to meet up with fellow blogger, charity fund-raiser and London marathon runner Mrs Bee at the finish – oh dear – starting to go again – may have to change the title to "Well, Well, Well, Well"! Fantastic weather and an excellent event – a real credit to the AVR. We are seriously thinking of going for the full Grizzly experience next year (but apparently it snowed last year!).


Note to self – not into the sun next time! - hope you don't mind me borrowing the photo Michelle

Coming soon – a further dose of self indulgence,


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