Keith's Marathon Dream - The Newsletter (Issue 1)

Posted on: 17 Jan 2014

As mentioned before, this is a multi faceted (madcap) project, and I have been determined to try and do it "properly" - both my first (and probably last) marathon, and my first (and probably last) major charity fund-raising effort. I guess that part of this is a degree of self promotion (which doesn't always come easily) and I recently circulated a first newsletter to all my supporters to date. So in the same spirit of self promotion, thought I should post it here too, so here goes:


I just wanted to write and give a quick update to everyone that has supported my London marathon fund-raising on behalf of CLIC Sargent. I started off really worried about how I could possibly raise anything like the £2000 that I originally pledged. But now, thanks to the generosity of so many people, I am nearly 80% there!

To start with it seemed like the running was the easy bit and the fund-raising the hard bit. Now it almost seems like the roles have reversed. Particularly at this time of year, it is such a challenge to get out, particularly given the dark nights, the recent Christmas festivities and of course the damned weather! As I write this, it is absolutely chucking it down outside again, and this Sunday morning's planned long run was sacrificed when, on getting up, I realised that half of my garden fence had relocated itself in next door's garden (the fence is now retrieved and has a new home in the garage – just as well no-one ever uses them for storing cars!). I remain confident that it will get easier as the nights start to draw out, but time is passing, and the marathon is less than a hundred days away, and I am thinking that my original aim to cover the distance in under four hours might be overly ambitious and maybe something closer to 4:10 is more realistic (based on the 1:54 I achieved for the Bournemouth half marathon).

On February 1st I'll be in London taking part in a CLIC Sargent Running training day, and a week later am due to be collecting in the foyer of Weymouth's new Sainsbury's store. They have suggested that I take an exercise bike, and some friends, and do an exercise bike marathon. That is feasible, but I'm also toying with the idea of taking the guitar along and “busking” there instead (since busking was one of my original fund-raising suggestions).

March 1st is the planned date for “Koncert For Keith” which will be staged by the little brass group that I belong to, Brass Tacks, at Weymouth Bay Methodist Church. Based on a similar effort last year, we may well raise of the order of £500 there, and then on the 8th March, I will be outside another supermarket, bucket in hand, this time Morrisons.

I'm continuing to blog at (I hope a few people go and have a look there from time to time). My youtube channel ( continues to expand (there are now fourteen assorted offerings there)” And of course I will continue to badger as many more people as I can to donate via one of my giving pages. I am hoping that, closer to the event, many more people will be persuaded to add their support. To that end, I would of course be delighted if anyone is able to spread the word (for instance by sharing a link to the web-site on facebook). Also there is a little poster and flyers available at

So hopefully all remains on track to fulfil my marathon dream in April. Again thanks so much for your support,

Keith Pullen

[email protected] or [email protected]



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