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Posted on: 17 Jan 2016

After a force few weeks out with christmas and a cold, am back onto it. with the amount of events i have this year have decided that it was time to add on some extra exrecices to make legs stronger and build on endurance.

Monday : was gym day before work.. so after a warm up did Leg Press 50k @ 20, [email protected], [email protected] full body weight trx high [email protected] 35, Low row @35, Chest press @30 and Jupms @34.....Dumbbell shoulder press 5k (have lowered wieghts to increase reps @25...Squarts with corebag [email protected] 35....Box jumps [email protected] 30...Kettle swing [email protected] 30, Kettle bell squarts @30.....Lat bar [email protected] and Chest press [email protected] 25.  with a small 2.05 mile run

Tuesday: 5 mile run was a 6.17 steady run with some speed added in to it..then back out later in the day for a 2.96 dog walking 

Wednesday: Was a 5 mile slow, was pleased with the result as pace stayed more or less the same

Thursday: Over slept so had no time to run but needed to find out if was working so with the dog ended up walking 5.17 miles.which made up for the 4 miles i should had ran that morning.

Friday: Was a rest day so off to the gym: 10 min warm up on the treadmill followed by Leg press [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] weight on High row,low row, Chest press and Jump all at 35.....Dumbbell shoulder press [email protected] with core bag [email protected] swings [email protected] and [email protected] bar 20k @25 and Chest press [email protected]

Saturaday:  Was to add on extra miles i ran to Eastleigh parkrun then did the 5k and ran back making it 6.77 miles 

Sunday: to be done


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