week 6

Posted on: 26 Jan 2016

Mon 18th Should had been a rest day, but as i didnt get out on Sunday went for a slow 2 mile run/walk.

Tuesday ...walked the 2 miles to gym and spent 1 1/2hr working out ..have dropped some of the weights and upped the reps on then, in the afternoon went out to do some hill reps... so i jogged 1 mile to the near-by hill, each time i went up i tryed different strides to see which worked best for me and managed to do all 8 hil reps between 1 mim and 1min 20....then jogged 1 mile home...managing to ignore all the funny looks i was getting for car drivers lol

Wed..Found that i wasnt going to have time for my 5 mile run and then take the dog out so did the best off both and went for a 5 mile walk with some short runs between.

Thurs and Frid took a double rest day, as wasnt feeling it 

Sat...Park-run and as we were picking up our grandson i got husband to drop me off at Bournemouth Park-run...So with taking my new Bosh t-shirt out for its first outing, i joined other runners for what turned out to be my fastest 5k since starting doing them

Sun Rest day....lol  or known as running around after the grandson 

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