Hmmm... knee might be [email protected]#r"$*d!

Posted on: 22 Feb 2013

Really peed off after last nights run. Thought I would take it nice and easy after aving rested for teh best part of ten days. I even spent 5-6 minutes doing some 'Dynamic' warm ups and short jogs.


Everything felt pretty good so I carefully set off but no sooner as I landed my first stride I felt a huge pain in the knee.


I gingerly kept my pace really slow (which for me was around 7:40/mile) and afetr a couple of miles I thought it was probably going to hold up, although it did feel sore.


However, twice my knee buckled completely on me and its a wonder I didn't fall down. At around muile 5 it was really starting to feel a bit more tender so I cut my run short and ended up only managing 7.24 miles.


As the evening went by my knee started to stiffen a lot and I coudl barely put any weight on it. The symptoms seem to suggest ITBS but I need to see someone to confirm this.


The good news is that the local Sports colege have a fantastic sports injury clinic that the local Football and basketball teams (Plymouth Argyle & Plymouth Raiders) use and only cosst £10/session if you don't mind ebing treated by students under supervision. 


I shall look into booking up a visit or two as I really want to get back on track and am worried that spending too long injured will effect my long run abilities. I want to finish this marathon in a good time, not just finish!

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