4 weeks ago I couldn't run 4 miles.... 22 miles smashed!!!!

Posted on: 30 Mar 2013

With family commitments this Easter I chose to run my long run on Good Friday morning. I had only run 20 miles 5 days ago and a further 7 miles 2 days later so this would be nearly 50 miles in a week!


Considering that 4 weeks ago I stopped and walked home unable to run more than 4 miles I didn't think I would be setting out on my last long run back on track with my original programme. 


I visited the physio the day before and had a deep tissue massage on my calf which seemed to have some micro tears from working harder to compensate from my knee injury. I also had some work done on my lower left leg on a muscle attached to my knee which wasn't 100%. Finally I got my calf and my other leg strapped up with Rock Tape. Hadn't tried this before but was willing to give anything ago. Reckon the tape did the job and was probably holding my knackered joints together!


I set out on my usual route but this time headed right to the edge of Dartmoor to the village of Clearbrook and ths time enjoying the run through the old railway tunnel. The weather wasnt the best, at least it was dry but it was cold and as much as I wanted to be out in shorts the winter gear stayed on.


The knee held up until mile 19 when it first gave an indication of giving way so I slowed the last 3 miles. Until then I was consistently around 7:15-7:30 pace without pushing it and running comfortably. I took a gel at mile 10 and 15 and generally felt ok until my knee buckled.


My calf hurt but I couldn't work out how much that was due to the running how much to the massage which bruised it. I found the last mile hard but pleased to have finished.


Overall 22 miles in 2:45 which considering hills and the fact I am still recovering from injury gives me a real confidence that I have a shot at 3:15 on the day. Complete turn around from 4 weeks ago...... Very happy!Smile


Looking forward to tapering off! (as I'm sure we all are!!!!!!)

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